Alcohol Procedures and Regulations

Members of the University community and visitors to the University campus are expected to use and serve alcohol in a responsible manner. The University embraces its responsibility to foster awareness and knowledge within its community regarding the use of alcohol and will provide support and education to this effect.

The University of Alberta will take reasonable steps to provide a safe, comfortable and secure work, living and learning environment for staff, students, visitors, partners and contract staff. As an institution of learning the University recognizes that it is also a community engaging in events that can involve the provision and consumption of alcohol. Please note that there are restrictions as to expenditures of operating funds on alcohol for hospitality, working sessions/meetings and University employee functions (see the Hospitality, Working Sessions/Meetings and University Employee Functions Procedure under the Financial Management and Practices Policy for more information).

While the University acknowledges the merit of these types of social events it also has a responsibility to: 

  • manage the legal liability of the University and its faculty, staff, registered student groups and visitors in relation to such events; 
  • provide support to members of the University community to encourage responsible decisions and harm-reducing attitudes and to support the successful execution of safe and enjoyable events where alcohol is present; 
  • promote awareness and compliance with the Province’s legal requirements around the serving and consumption of alcohol; and
  • educate and inform members of the University community about the issues and risks around alcohol use, how to manage those risks, and where to get assistance and support if needed.

More information about the University of Alberta's alcohol policy is available on the UAPPOL Alcohol Policy page.

To apply for permission for your Department/Faculty/Administrative Unit alcohol event please fill out the online application at least 10 business days prior to your event.

Registered student groups who wish to organize an alcohol event need the appropriate training and approval. Please see the Student Group Services website for more information.