Events Open to the Public

Special events that are open or advertised to the general public require approval for alcohol service on a case-by-case basis from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission because the University of Alberta's alcohol license is for private events only. A Public Special Event License application needs to be submitted to the AGLC and can take 8-12 weeks to process. 

To have a public event approved, the University of Alberta's online application must be completed and a written proposal must be submitted to Risk Management Services at least four months in advance of the event. (Registered Student Groups must complete the BearsDen event application). The written proposal must include:
 ● A detailed site plan
 ● Time, date, location, purpose of event
 ● List of activities, entertainment planned
 ● Details about food and beverages to be provided
 ● Emergency plan
 ● Security details

Once this application is submitted and approved by the University of Alberta, you must work with Risk Management Services to complete an application for a Public Special Event License and submit it to the AGLC for approval three months in advance of the event.

If you expect 300 or more people to attend, please be aware that there may be additional requirements for your event to be approved.

If you have problems accessing the online form, please contact us at 780-492-0253 or